Friday, September 27, 2013

Azure as a Dragon

Azure's Transformation 

You enter the space in front of you and see a tall, hearty looking elf wearing free flowing dark blue outfit, and a pair of daggers carrying a quarterstaff wandering around an immense cavern. The cavern's walls are carved into shelves, with various knickknacks, weapons, tools. Every once in awhile the elf picks up an object. As you enter the cave, you say "I'm looking for the Dragon Azure." 
Casting off his cloak, the elf's features stretch and elongate as he grows out of his body. Dropping down on all fours, his hands and feet turn into claws. As he arches his back, wings burst out of it. His face elongates, and his ears move higher and further back while horns sprout out of his skull, his jaw becomes filled with razor sharp teeth. When the transformation is complete, an Amethyst Great  Wyrm stands before you in all of its glory and terror!    

Azure as a Dragon Plot Hooks

1. Rumors have it that a Great Wyrm will tell anyone any piece of information they want to know, if they have the gold or magic items to pay for it.
2. For many years it was rumored a dragon lived in the mountains, but hadn’t been seen in many years. The PCs investigate to see if it’s dead
3. There is a Council of Wyrms, Azure is invited to go. The PCs are at the Council
4. The PCs find out about a dragon who is insatiably curious, and will pay exorbitant sums of gold for information that it does not have. The PCs have a piece of information that it does not.


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