Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Azure as an elf plot hooks

Azure as an Elf Plot Hooks

1.      He owns a curiosity shop that the PCs visit. During their visit, the shop is robbed. The PCs either dispatch the thief or s/he is captured. In talking with him afterwards, they find out that he’s a wealth of information on a variety of subjects.
2.      The PCs find out about a town where there is little crime, because the criminals mysteriously disappear. They find out that Azure is often found patrolling the area around the disappearances.
3.      The PCs are summoned by Azure, who directs them to the planes to retrieve something for him in the planes or to transport him there. He is willing to pay a significant amount of gold for their service.
4.      The PCs have a magic item that Azure wants to study. He requests their presence; in exchange for being able to examine it, he allows them to pick his brain for information
5.      Azure commissions one of the PCs to help him organize his massive library, in exchange for his vast wealth of knowledge.
6.      Azure runs a school specializing in Clairsentience or is quasi-famous for sound-based bardic spells that one of the PCs want.
7.      The PCs unwittingly “save” Azure’s life from thugs in an alley. They talk to him and find out all the things he knows.
8.      Azure could be the PCs sponsor, or information resource from low levels, and they don’t realize what exactly he is. As time goes on, they begin to realize how exactly much he knows.
9.      Azure needs the PCs to get him a spell key to visit the planes. He’s willing to pay handsomely for it.  
10.  One of the PCs are infected with something, and Azure’s information comes in handy.
11.  Tensions are rising in neighboring kingdoms, Azure is sent as a negotiator to smooth things over. The PCs are sent to escort him to the peace conference.
12.  One of the PCs family or friends is in legal trouble. They go to Azure to assist him/ her out.

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