Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Place Naming Table

Place Naming Table 

By: Jesse C Cohoon
Many times when trying to come up with names for your place, you want to come up with a place name that has some significance. Choose a place name and roll 3d20, one for each column on the table to give your town/ village/ sanctuary a unique feel.

Race/ Monster Specific Feature
1 Amazing/ Marvelous Elves Stone/ Tombs/ Caves
2 Wondrous/ Mysterious Gnomes Forest / Trees/ Druids
3 Frightening/ Thrilling Humans Architectural Features1
4 Automatic/ Mechanical Dragons/ Dragonlike creatures2 Mountains/ Valley/ Caves
5 Marvelous Dwarves Beauty/ Ugliness
6 Ancient/ Ageless Were-creatures/ Shapeshifters3 Clouds/ Weather
7 Paragon Merfolk/ Aquatic Creatures Swamp
8 Laviscous Giants Water Feature(s)/ Ice
9 Bountiful/ Rich Undead4 Lights/ Darkness
10 Despairing Planar Creatures5 Technology
11 Dazzling/ Enticing Constructs Crystal
12 Hypnotic Snakemen/ Yaun-Ti/ Glass/ Mirrors
13 Ghastly/ Haunting Beholders Musical Instrument/ Bards
14 Destitute. Poor Equinoids6 Lava/ Fire
15 Musical/ Melidious Plant Monsters Smoke/ Steam
16 Dangerous/ Deadly Ogres/ Orcs/ Kobalds Weapons & Armor / Fighters
17 Wailing/ Sorrowful Dryads/ Nymphs Friendship
18 Skillful/ Masters Insects/ Spiders Robes/ Monks
19 Soulless / Soul- Sapping Mind Flayers Clerics/ Sorcerers/ Wizards
20 Harmonious Mimics Cure/ Plague
1. Architectural features include: Skyscrapers/ Pyramids/ Obelisks/ Standing Stones, etc. 
2. Dragonlike creatures include: Dragonborn, Lizardmen, Wyvern, & Dragonnes
3. Shapeshifters around the world
4. Undead can be broken up into living corpses: Draugr, Vampire, Ghoul, Jiangshi, Mummy, Revenant, Skeleton, Lich, Wight, Zombie, Grim reaper; Incorporeal spirits: Shadow, Banshee, Ghost or Phantom, Poltergeist, Spectre, Shadow person, Wraith
5. Extra Planar Creatures include Gensai, Angels, Demons, Elementals
6. Equinoids include horses, centaurs, pegasai, unicorns

For instance if you rolled 2,12,13 you could come up with Sesna: the trilling city of the musical Snakemen. Note, not all combinations will come up with something useful, but after a few rolls, you can come up with something of use.

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